Here at Connie’s Care Services we know trying to find the correct care can be difficult, please take a moment to have a glance at some of the frequently asked questions we are asked when arranging care for a loved one. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us
Can I get financial help for my care?
If you have over a certain amount of savings this can be subject to change, for the latest guidelines please contact us for more information
Will I have the same carers every day?
Every effort is made to keep your carers regular
If I don’t require care for a short period, will I still be charged?
no only calls that are fulfilled are charged
If I am hospitalised will my care continue when I am discharged?
Yes, although there may be care plan changes, depending on any issues arising from your recent injury or illness
Are all carers visiting my home qualified & insured?
Yes, all are carers are D.B.S screened by police, and are all certified in care, and all insured
Do I have to give notice if I want another provider to have my care package?
No, your care company has to give 28 day’s notice to quit if funded by local authority , but the service user can ask for another agency, if unhappy with the care provided. Private clients need give no notice
Can I choose to have a male or female carer?
Yes, you have the right of choice